Hereby I approve that I:
- am 18 years old (be able to show ID)
- have informed the tattoo artist if i got any diseases that could interfere with the tattoo session, ie. asthma, diabetes or such.
- have informed the tattoo artist if I’m on any medication that could effect the tattoo session, ie. anticoagulant (if so we recommend that you talk to your doctor prior to getting a tattoo)
- by law have to inform if i got any blood diseases ie. HIV or Hepatitis.
- not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when getting Tattooed
- have full responsibility that any text tattoos have the correct spelling.
- am not pregnant.

Canceling your appointment
- have to cancel my appointment at least three weekdays prior the appointment.
- will be charged (by invoice) 1500 SEK per booked hour for not showing up at the appointment or cancelling the appointment too late.
- canceling within less than 3 days can only be done with a doctors notice.

This Information will be saved only to be able to protect he client and or the artist, and will not in any way be sold or distributed to any third parties. the information will be saved until no more backcheck will seem necessary.

Important information:
- Arrive in time for your appointment.
- To get a good working environment and to respect the other clients you can maximum bring one friend to the appointment.
- To avoid stress during your tattoo don’t book in anything else directly after your appointment.
- Prepare yourself for the appointment by being well rested, eat properly, and take a shower so your clean. This will help you get a better experience while getting tattooed.
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